Аlbedo is а hand-made Bohemian lead crystal vase. The design of the vase is inspired by Opus Magnum, medieval text, which describes the main stages in alchemy. Аlbedo, or leucosis, is the second of the four major stages of the Magnum Opus, along with nigredo, citrinitas and rubedo. It is a Latinized term meaning “whiteness”. Following the chaos or massa confusa of the nigredo stage, the alchemist undertakes a purification in albedo, which is literally referred to as ablutio – the washing away of impurities. This phase is concerned with “bringing light and clarity to the prima materia (the First Matter)”.

The process of transformation of matter is similar to the process of forming blown glass. It has three main stages and the process is a play between the universal elements of earth, fire, water and air, alongside with the human spirit that shapes the final piece.

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Project Name Аlbedo

Category Interior Glass

Year 2018

Used Technique Blown lead crystal

Dimensions 40/15/10 cm

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