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Vessy Gekova

Architectural Glass Design -
Interior Glass Design -
Glass Art

Vessy Gekova is a sculptor who recreates her ideas in terms of light, shape and color through the glass medium. Her work ranges from stained glass windows, sculptures, design objects for the interior to glass awards and jewelry. She was born 01.11.1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria

After finishing Spanish high school Miguel de Servantes with majors in Spanish and French studies, she studied Fine Arts at the Metropolitan University of London in 2010, then did a Bachelor in “Glass, ceramics and porcelain” and “Fine art and mural painting” at the New Bulgarian University in 2016. In 2014, she did a 6month intership of glass design at the Czech Academy of Arts in Prague and Zlin, where she mastered the creation of Bohemian crystal objects of blown glass, kiln glass and glass fusing at the University of Tomas Bata.

She finished a Master’s degree in “Glass design and art in architecture” at a new Bulgarian university in 2018.

Vessy Gekova has two solo exhibitions and has participated in more than 50 international exhibitions and consecutive art festivals.

In 2016, she was prized winner in the category Sculpture for her blown glass at the Bulgarika International Art Festival. That same year was invited to install new stained glass windows in the largest cathedral on the Balkan Peninsula “Alexander Nevski”.

She received a prize for the artistic contribution of the Union of Artists at the end of 2016 during her participation in the exhibition “No limits” in The National Palace of Culture and “Three generations of artists” in The National Gallery in Sofia.

In 2017, she won a scholarship program for the St. Constantine and Elena Foundation with the Eden instaalation. This glasswork for the interior architecture is a light installation of blown glass and LED lights that symbolizes the three key moments of the Old Testament parable of the primordial sin and expulsion of Adam and Eve of heaven.

In 2018 Vessy Gekova was invited as guest artist at an exhibition of glass sculptures at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France for the Open Day of the EU.She participates in the organization of an international biennale of glass and an international artist on glass and painting.

Events, Exhibitions & Achievements

  1. “Painting and Glass” International Plein Air, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2018
  2. Guest artist at the Open days of the European Union, Council of Europe, Strassbourg, France 2018
  3. Solo Exhibition “EDEN”, “Graffit” gallery, Varna, Bulgaria 2018
  4. International Biennial of Glass, Sofia, Bulgaria 2017
  5. Solo Exhibition “EDEN”, “Evdokia Art Glass” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2017
  6. Charity event Mana jewellery, Military club, Sofia, Bulgaria 2017
  7. “Point and Line to the Light” Exhibition, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2017
  8. Organisation of Children’s University, “Uniart” gallery at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  9. Won “Elevation” Award of Association of Women Soldiers for Contribution to the Area of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  10. “Angels Miracle-workshop” Charity Campaign, Central Military Club, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  11. “Drawing, Painting and Glass” International Plein Air, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2016
  12. Glass Exhibition, Czech Cultural Center, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  13. Won 2nd Prize in Category “Sculpture”, International Competition for Young Artists, Radio Art Salon, Varna, Bulgaria, 2016
  14. “EXPRESSION ART” Exhibition, “Largo” Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria, 2016
  15. “Beglika” Art Workshop, Small and Big Beglik dam, 2014 & 2015 & 2016
  16. Workshop of Art, “Wake Up” Festival, Kuklen Village, 2015 & 2016
  17. “GIFT OF LOVE”, National Palace of the Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016 & Youth House,  Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 2016
  18. Restoration of the Temple-monument “St. Alexander Nevsky”, Placing Stained Glass Windows, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  19. “NO LIMITS” National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  20. “Projections from Fire”, “Art alley” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  21. Glass Exhibition, “Uniart” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2016
  22. Participation in the “Parade of Talents”, Military Club, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  23. Ceramics Christmas Exhibition, “Sofia Press” Exhibition Space, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  24. “Stories from Glass, “Uniart” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  25. “Exits to the Future”, “Industrial” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  26. Exhibition at the National Palace of the Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  27. “Painting and Glass” International Plein Air, Sozopol, Bulgaria, 2015
  28. Sixth Festival of the Contemporary Ceramics, “Rayko Aleksiev” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  29. “Children’s University” Open Air Workshop, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  30. Glass Exhibition, “Uniart” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  31. “Trajectory of the Art” Exhibition, “Vidima” Gallery, Sevlievo, Bulgaria, 2015
  32. “50/50” Exhibition, “Art alley” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2015
  33. “Less is More” Fifth Festival of the Contemporary Ceramics, “Sofia Press” Exhibition Space, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014
  34. Art Workshop, “WAHA” Festival, Romania, 2014
  35. International Festival of Glass, “Rayko Aleksiev” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014
  36. Art Workshop and Scenography, “Sunny Moon” Festival, Czech Republic, 2014
  37. “Arctic-Vulnerable and Beautiful” Exhibition, “Laboratory for Urban Design-Transformers”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013
  38. Art Workshop and Scenography, Open Air Festival, HMSU, 2013
  39. “Glass and Fire” Exhibition, Museum at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013
  40. “Small Format” Exhibition, “Lessedra” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012
  41. Scenography of the event “Born 2 Bass”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012
  42. Exhibition at the Palace of the Culture, “Lyuben Gaydarov”  Gallery, Pernik, Bulgaria, 2012
  43. Exhibition at the City Library, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2012
  44. Forum – Festival “The Universe of the Computer Music”, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2011